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Sickness and Illness

At Jurassic Childcare we understand that if a child is unwell, it is in their best interest to be in a home environment with adults they know well, rather than at nursery. Below we have compiled a guide to let you know when your child should stay at home. 

When your child should stay home and visit a doctor

  • When their temperature is above 37.5°C

  • If they experience vomiting or diarrhoea

  • If spots appear on their hands, feet, or mouth area

  • If they develop chicken pox

  • If they have conjunctivitis

  • If they have an ear infection

  • If they develop impetigo

  • If they have been given Calpol before nursery

As a small nursery we follow our own guidance and policies, as like to make sure that children, families and staff are protected as much as possible from sickness and illness.

Sleeping Baby
Girl with Acrylic Paints

When you're child can come in

  • Once their temperture has returned to normal

  • 48 hours after their last sickness and diarrhoea 

  • Once spots have crusted over

  • 48 hours after taking antibiotics

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